Queer Quality: An Answer to Queerbait

It started with a question:

“Where will I find people like me once (TV Show) ends?”

We’ve all been there: The endless hours searching any website we can think of, desperately in need of new queer content. It’s anything but glorious but if we are lucky, we find a new movie on Netflix or a new web series on YouTube to quench our queer little hearts.

Sometimes though, these shows aren’t as queer as we’re led to believe.

Too often we come across a show or movie that seems awesome because of the queer representation, but then we realize that it is only our queer eyes seeing what we want most. The queer ships we seek are not canon and we must continue to look elsewhere.

And way too common has it become for us to fall in love with a queer character or queer couple, only to watch their lives be torn apart and ended (often by a stray bullet).

Queerbait: A thing we all know to avoid but still fall into the trap of it’s false hope.

Queer Quality is the answer we’ve all been looking for!

Queer Quality is a new social media platform to help the LGBTQIA+ Community find whatever it’s little queer hearts are desiring!

Want to find a movie you know the queer couple end up together?

A show where lesbians need not wear a bulletproof vest?

A book with characters who use the same pronouns as you?

Music sung by queer artists about queer relationships?

Do you make these things yourself and want to share it with the rest of the queer community?

Welcome to Queer Quality!

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