Statement on Netflix’s “Everything Sucks”

Over the last several days we have had many reach out to us asking our opinion on the new Netflix series “Everything Sucks.” (General spoilers ahead).

Here at Queer Quality, we aim to give our approval to all art and entertainment that is made by or in some way represents the LGBTQ+ comment in a positive light.

“Everything Sucks” depicts the coming out story of a young teenage girl named Kate, who is still exploring her sexuality. While doing so, we meet Kate’s same sex crush, Emaline. A romance (of teenage proportions) ensues.

However, the actresses that play these two characters are in vastly different age groups.

While filming, Peyton Kennedy (Kate) was 13. Sydney Sweeney  (Emaline) was 19.

Though this show does in fact have queer representation, it is problematic to have characters represented by actresses who would not legally be permitted to be in a relationship together, outside of fantasy. It may be unintentional, but the “gay predator” stereotype is touched on here, even though the characters are relatively the same age. It is inappropriate for a 13 and 19 year old to engage in any type of romantic or sexual relationship, even while acting.

Furthermore, it will never be acceptable  with us here at Queer Quality for one barrier to be broken, while another is overlooked. Meaning, just because it’s gay, doesn’t make it automatically okay. If there are issues that may be considered harmful to any group of people in any way of a project that has queer representation, it will not get our approval.

It is because of this that we will not give our #QueerQuality stamp of approval. We encourage all our followers to let Netflix know that this representation is hurtful and inappropriate, both for the actresses involved, as well as the LGBTQ+ community.

Finally, we also ask that we all remain respectful and kind to Peyton Kennedy, a minor, being subjected to inappropriate treatment by those responsible for her well being.

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