Avocado Toast: A Coming of Age Story… When You’re 30

Listen up Millennials and Gen Z’ers! You know how you’ve always been told that you’ll have your life figured out and put together, with a loving spouse and 2.5 kids by the time you’re 30? Yeah… we were fed the same crap.

The truth is, at 30 years old you are more likely to still be figuring out a lot about yourself. You’re probably paying off school debt, living in a rundown apartment with one too many roommates and stuck in a dead end job, that just pays enough for you to survive, paycheck to paycheck.

Sometimes you’re realizing things about yourself that you feel like you should have already had figured out by this age. Like your sexuality. A “Late in Lifer” is not something you’d ever consider yourself to be (30 is the new 20, right??)… but then you meet a pretty girl that makes you feel things and you start questioning your own identity.

And sometimes the foundation that your whole life is built on, like your loving family, comes apart because of divorce. Leaving you to figure out exactly how to balance holidays, vacations and every other family event… times two. Don’t even get us started on parental dating. No one wants to think about that. Ever.

“When we’re all expected to deal, two women just don’t.”

But these are exactly the type of things that Avocado Toast explores. In this hilarious new web series, Molly and Elle are rediscovering themselves and the world around them, as Molly comes to terms with her bisexuality and Elle deals with the turmoil of her parents separating. “Together, these two best friends fumble through growing up.”

The truth is, by 30 you aren’t going to have your life figured out. This is the coming of age story for all older Millennials that know this to be true. Avocado Toast is a witty and honest portrayal of two women going through the motions, in life and in love.

Heidi Lynch and Perrie Voss are the two kickass female powerhouses behind this comedic genius, hailing from Toronto.

Avocado Toast is a part of the IPF (the Independent Production Fund) Web Series Funding Program for 2018. Each year, Canadian web shows hope to gain funds through IPF based on the amount of views their trailer receives.

They’ve also set up an Indiegogo page to gain more financial support to make the best web series possible. If you want to help these ladies create this awesome queer show, CLICK HERE to head to their page now.

Want to know more? Follow them on Twitter at @avotoastseries and make sure to watch the trailer above.


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