Tagg Nation: The Podcast for Everyone Under the Rainbow

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, if you’ve ever wished that the news would be more tailored to you and queer goings on in the world, Tagg Nation is the podcast of your dreams!

This weekly podcast is hosted by three amazingly talented and smart queer women (Ashley Linder, Jade Salazar, and Chelsea Shorte), each of whom bring a little something different to the show. The topics discussed include queer news in the world today, hot topic issues causing controversy, LGBTQ+ history and so much more. All with an upbeat and fun delivery, every Tuesday!

If the “Tagg” name sounds familiar to you, it should. Tagg Nation birthed from Tagg Magazine, an online & print publication geared towards queer women, created by Eboné Bell. Tagg Nation has it’s own blog as well, which you should definitely check out.

If you love this podcast or want to have a chance to attend a live show, we have great news!

Tagg Nation is headed to ClexaCon in Las Vegas, April 5th-9th! ClexaCon is a weekend long queer convention, named for our beloved ship “Clexa” (Clarke and Lexa) from The 100. It is worth noting that today, March 3, 2018, is the second anniversary of Lexa’s death. ClexaCon was created as a response to yet another queer death in mainstream media by a stray bullet (lesbian death trope, be damned!).

The folks at ClexaCon invited the dynamic Tagg Nation trio and their founder, Ms. Bell, to do a live podcast show, a handful of panels and discussions, and a creative writing/ comedy workshop! But they need our help to get there!

Tagg Nation is hoping to raise $5,000 by March 30, in order to make all of these wonderful things happen! They’ve started a fundraising campaign to meet this goal, through another queer owned company, Act Blue.

Why It’s Important For Us to Attend ClexaCon?

Last year’s conference was a huge success, but lacked some diversity. It’s important to us, as well as the event organizers to make sure QPOC (and podcasts) are represented at the conference.

With your help we can bring a few elements to the conference to make sure queer people of color, women, trans individuals, activists; and queer history are not only visible, but also recognized.”

You can donate any amount you wish, but some really cool perks exist for those who donate a little more. You can find all that information, and more about the panels and workshop they’ll be hosting, HERE.

Not only would your donation help get these incredible women to ClexaCon, any additional funds raised will go to the Tagg Nation Scholarship Fund. The TNSF is a college scholarship program geared towards young queer women of color, to help them pursue their future goals. So no matter how much you donate, your contribution will go to a fantastic cause!

If you want to know more about Tagg Nation, Tagg Magazine or the Tagg Nation Scholarship Fund, check out the links above, and be sure to follow along on their social media. The Tagg Nation Podcast is available on iTunes.

Queer Quality is a supporter of Tagg Nation & Tagg Magazine and cannot wait to meet these four at ClexaCon in April!

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