Queer Review: CLAIREvoyant (Episodes 6 – 14)

When we last left CLAIREvoyant, Claire (Natasha Negovanlis) had just blown it big time with her dream girl Nico (Sabryn Rock), after accidentally ingesting some of Ruby’s (Annie Briggs) pot brownies. Telling someone their aunt is dead is not a good idea, at least not on a first date. Lets take a look to see what other shenanigans these two got themselves into.

Episode 6 – “The Nine of Swords”

Claire comes crawling back (literally) from her disastrous date with Nico, just in time for a warning video call from Madame Sonnom (Theresa Tova). Unfortunately both Claire and Ruby are too high to pay any attention. The next morning, Nico proves Claire’s psychic abilities are true once again, by telling her that her aunt had a stroke and died (RIP Nico’s aunt). We’re not sure that Ruby’s “Fuck yes!” response was heartfelt, but hey, when you’re right, you’re right! Bonus: If you’re needing a little Negovanlis opera singing in your life, this episode is just for you.


Episode 7 – “The Empress”

Ruby’s scheduling for the “Seeing Sisters” causes a wedge between Ruby and Claire. But not as big of one as Claire’s declaration that Ruby needs to grow up because she’s going to be a mother. What a way to find out you’re pregnant! This plot twist was absolutely not one we expected, but we loved it!


Episode 8 – “The Hermit”

This episode hurts if you’re shipping Ruby and Xavier (Jsin Sasha) as much as we are. But this is also one of the best episodes of CLAIREvoyant. After finding out Ruby’s knocked up, she breaks up with Xavier because she doesn’t want him to resent her for having an abortion. For a comedy web series, this dark twist is not something many were ready for, but we commend Briggs and Negovanlis for writing such an important topic into their show. Unexpected pregnancy and abortion is something that effects many young women and is often only condemned in mainstream media. To portray the reality of this type of situation in a small independent series like this is just the bold move more writers need to take.

Back at the cafe, Nico comes to see Claire (Hooray!) and gives her a second chance, in part to a Carrier Pidgeon sent to Nico by Ruby.

(Side note: Ruvier? Xaby?)


Episode 9 – “The Star”

If you’ve ever felt like you are a complete walking disaster, Claire’s pep talk in the mirror to herself while getting ready for her second date with Nico will make you feel a whole lot better. But before she can head out, Ruby comes home and the two roommates finally have a heart to heart. After Ruby tells Claire that she’s had an abortion, Claire does what any best friend would do: cancel the date and chill at home with your heartbroken buddy. Moments later, she’s sucked into the crystal ball she got for her birthday from her Bubbeh, where Madame Sonnom begs her to join her in her quest for riches. Thankfully, Claire manages to escape easily… this time.


Episode 10 – “The Ten of Cups”

Flash forward three weeks later and Xavier returns! Yay! Ruby hijacked Nico and plans a double dinner date for the four of them. But Ruby’s idea of shopping is dumpster diving and the 30 seconds of vomiting and diarrhea that follows is the best thing we’ve ever seen in any web series. Thank you all for being willing to shit your pants and barf your brains out on camera.

Oh and remember that pesky crystal ball? Well Claire got sucked back in, this time by Madame Sonnom herself.


Episode 11 – “The Magician”

Ruby, Xavier, and Nico wake up to find that Claire is gone and been magic-knapped. And as terrible as that sounds, it gives us a peek at Bubbeh, played by none other than Negovanlis! You’ll laugh and want a cheese pie.


Episode 12 – “The Queen of Swords”

Madame Sonnom is #sorrynotsorry for trapping Claire in her crystal ball. But under the guidance of Bubbeh, Claire challenges Madame Sonnom to a psychic mind battle (because, of course). Back in the real world, Claire’s friends are freaking out over the talking crystal ball and Nico thinks calling 911 will help.


Episode 13 – “The Chariot”

Hitting a crystal ball with a dildo is not the way to release your trapped best friend, Ruby. But please, keep trying, because it’s pretty damn funny.

The psychic mind battle begins and Bubbeh has to explain how to use the force to Claire. The balls of energy and beams of power that shoot out of Claire’s eyes is pretty cheesey but fantastic in the best ways. “I’m Claire Ganski and I’m here to kick your psychic butt!”


Episode 14 – “The Four of Wands”

Claire wins the psychic mind battle and escapes the crystal ball! Everyone rejoices and we finally get to see a kiss between Claire and Nico! And Xavier and Ruby are just as cute. Three weeks later, Ruby makes dinner (uh oh?) for the foursome and everything seems to be back to normal. Ruby decides to leave the “Seeing Sisters” but buys Claire a little gift to support her abilities and encourage her to keep using her psychic mind to do good. Unfortuantely, dinner was a disaster, again.

The episode ends with Claire’s commercial for her psychic channel and Madame Sonnom in prison.

Overall, CLAIREvoyant surpassed our expectations. The humor and honesty in this series brings an element of truth to a supernatural show, that sometimes gets lost in the world of fantasy. Though CLAIREvoyant was only 14 episodes, our crystal ball tells us that a future much longer is in store for this digital series, and we cannot wait to see what exciting things await Claire, Ruby, Nico and Xavier. The future is bright for Negovanlis and Briggs!

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