Swerve Series: The Rollercoaster Ride to Season 3


If you are anything like us, you woke up this morning to yet another twist from the Swerve Series saga: A new trailer for Season 3 was dropped and announced it’s final season will air next month! Hooray!


The web series produced by SKG Films, starring Sharon Belle, Winny Clarke, and Conni Miu, has held very true to it’s name. Swerve, like many web series, has struggled. Though it’s leading actress, Belle, brought over quite a few Creampuffs from her work on Carmilla, obstacles continually plagued the release of the much anticipated end of the show. Season 3 was set to be released October 30, 2018. However, less than two weeks before it was set to air, creator Jason Armstrong and producer Kisha Tapangan released a joint statement explaining the cancellation of Season 3. Fans were disappointed but entirely grateful for the content that had been given.

After Belle and Clarke attended ClexaCon in April of 2018, Queer Quality had the chance to interview them, along with fellow star Kat Inokai and Swerve creator and Producer Jason Armstrong, about mental health and it’s roll in the show. Season 3’s original teaser trailer was released at ClexaCon, with no one suspecting it’s inevitable cancellation only six months later. To check out our Q&A with the Swerve team, you can click here. (Disclaimer: It’s been a year and a half since this Q&A was done. This upcoming season may not be exactly what they had in mind when answering questions for us back then).


When the demise of the last season was announced, fans rallied behind the team and beloved web series. The signature red balloon, an icon from season 2, began to trend on Twitter, as fans posted support for the show using the red balloon emoji. Herniated Disco donated proceeds from their TeePublic shop, filled with Swerve themed merch, to the show. No one wanted to see the end of this web series just yet.

Several months later, a Valentine’s Day treat was given to fans, with a new teaser trailer for the now resurrected Season 3! No specific date was announced with the trailer, but it breathed fresh life into the fandom who eagerly awaited it’s return.

So for the Swervers who have remained ever hopeful for an update on the much awaited final season, today was like Christmas. After nearly seven long months, SKG Films announced today that Swerve Season 3 will be released next month; This, coming one year after the cancellation.

Swerve follows a girl named Elise (Belle), as she “deviates from the straight and narrow” path of life. We watch as she comes to grip with her struggles with mental health, family and friend drama, and there may have been an assassin thrown in there somewhere. You’ll just have to watch the Seasons 1 and 2 if you have no idea what we are talking about.

Just as it’s title suggests, Swerve has taken a winding rollercoaster of a path, filled with twists and turns, to get to it’s final season. It has not been easy but we bet that it’s going to be absolutely worth it.



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