Meet the Team

These are the awesome people behind Queer Quality and they deserve some recognition! Wanna join us? Check out the Internship page!

me5Kelly Peters, Founder of Queer Quality (@kkpeters)

As the former Social Media Director for her local Democratic Party, Kelly quickly realized the power of social media and how it could be used to help transform queer entertainment. She studied Politics and Philosophy at the University of California, Riverside. While in community college, she led the charge for Trans-Inclusive restrooms and helped bring the Safe Space program to Santiago Canyon College. While working for the Democratic Party, she rallied the first major Anti-Trump protest in America during the 2016 election, all thanks to the internet.


Hagen Clevenger
, Contributing Intern (@hagencl13)

I’m a 22 year old, queer, cis-female. I write queer fan fiction while I procrastinate school work. I’m double majoring in Psychology and English and will be starting my Masters program hopefully in the Fall. I love writing and am in the midst of writing two novels, one of which has an abundance of representation.





Alexis Gallegos
, Contributing Intern (@s_a_gallegos)

Alexis is a nonbinary queer writer. They are obsessed with TV shows and video games, writing fanfiction all throughout the night. When they’re not working, they can be found writing poetry or daydreaming while listening to music.




Rachael Hogan, Contributing Intern (@way.haught.heda) IMG_0718








Cam Corder 6-19-18 014Sierra McDonald, Contributing Intern (@McdonalSierra)

I am a non-binary person (they/ them) residing in Washington, who is also queer (likes girls) and I like to read and write articles for things I am passionate about. Quality Queer is important to me because it’s a place where many LGBTQ+ people go to for courage and guidance when discovering themselves and coming to terms with their identities, as well as when they want to come out to someone. It’s so great to have somewhere for people to turn to when they don’t have anyone to give them the support and guidance they need. It’s so cool to have such a big platform for LGBTQ+ people and to be a part of it is an honor and an amazing opportunity that I may never get again.


Kelsey O’Regan, Contributing Intern (@goneawayawhileprofile picture

Kelsey (she/ her) is a New England native currently living in Chicago. Hobbies include dogs, pasta, and accidentally writing fanfiction. Rarely not thinking about fictional people. Jake Peralta on the outside, Amy Santiago on the inside.

Kelsey is the writer & creator of the upcoming queer web series BIFL.




IMG_20180910_170841Helen Alison, Contributing Intern (@helen_alison)

I am 20 years old and currently in my second year of my English Literature combined with Creative Writing joint honors degree. I am a lesbian and I am also autistic.

Helen is also the creator of the webzine The Lesbians Take Over the Internet.