How GLOW’s Arthie & Yolanda Spent Season Three Erasing Both Asexuality & Bisexuality

By Kelsey O’Regan **GLOW Season 3 Spoilers ahead** I’m used to getting burned by poor LGBTQIA representation. I’ve watched my favorite queer characters die immediately after a moment of pure joy, watched showrunners dance around labels for the sake of plot, and watched one stereotype after another get introduced and then promptly written off. WhatContinue reading “How GLOW’s Arthie & Yolanda Spent Season Three Erasing Both Asexuality & Bisexuality”

Pride Talks: Lets Talk About (A)Sex(uality), Baby!

Fact: Some people experience little to no sexual attraction to another human being. This is the basic definition of asexuality. Asexuality, like every other sexual orientation and gender identity, is a complex label given to a group of people who simply do not look at another person and have a desire to sleep with them.Continue reading “Pride Talks: Lets Talk About (A)Sex(uality), Baby!”

Galentine’s Day: Helping or Hurting?

Ahh yes, Valentine’s Day. Every February 14th our calendars so passive aggressively remind us that today is the day we celebrate love, romance and all that other hetero-normative mushy couple stuff. Before we say more, let us first acknowledge that pretty much everyone*, regardless of sexual identity or sexual orientation, at one time or anotherContinue reading “Galentine’s Day: Helping or Hurting?”