Actress Kate Siegel. Getty Images.

The Survival of Theo Crain

By Kelsey O'Regan Theodora Crain, both on paper and in living, breathing Kate Siegel form, is a revolutionary LGBTQ character. I would’ve watched The Haunting of Hill House with or without hearing whispers about Theo across social media in the weeks before I dove in. I’m a glutton for supernatural narratives— ghost stories, psychological horror,… Continue reading The Survival of Theo Crain

Tagg Nation: The Podcast for Everyone Under the Rainbow

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, if you've ever wished that the news would be more tailored to you and queer goings on in the world, Tagg Nation is the podcast of your dreams! This weekly podcast is hosted by three amazingly talented and smart queer women (Ashley Linder, Jade Salazar, and Chelsea Shorte),… Continue reading Tagg Nation: The Podcast for Everyone Under the Rainbow

TGI Femslash: A Multi-Fandom Convention

Comic-Con. DragonCon. WonderCon. ClexaCon. These are just a few of the major fan conventions held in the U.S. every year, while hundreds more are attended around the globe. The attendance of these major conventions generally range in the thousands, often using a lottery-queue system in order for guests to purchase tickets. Special celebrity guests are… Continue reading TGI Femslash: A Multi-Fandom Convention