Swerve Series: The Rollercoaster Ride to Season 3

If you are anything like us, you woke up this morning to yet another twist from the Swerve Series saga: A new trailer for Season 3 was dropped and announced it’s final season will air next month! Hooray!   The web series produced by SKG Films, starring Sharon Belle, Winny Clarke, and Conni Miu, hasContinue reading “Swerve Series: The Rollercoaster Ride to Season 3”


Opinion: A Case for Queer-Cons

By Rachael Hogan, Contributing Intern Conventions have been an integral part of fandom life for decades. They give fans a place to gather and meet other people who are just as passionate about TV shows, movies and books as they are. Today there are conventions held to celebrate everything from Star Wars to comic books;Continue reading “Opinion: A Case for Queer-Cons”

Pride Talks: Nicole Pacent on Bisexual Misrepresentation in Hollywood

When we last spoke with Nicole Pacent about bisexuality and mental health, she explained that a common problem with mainstream media portraying bisexual characters, specifically, is the erasure of the character’s bisexual nature. This is due in part to bisexuality being confused with polyamory to some degree, but the issue goes even further when developing aContinue reading “Pride Talks: Nicole Pacent on Bisexual Misrepresentation in Hollywood”

Q & A: “Swerve” Series Talks Mental Health & Season 3

For far too long, topics like queer sexuality and mental health have been stigmatized in mainstream media. Often when our community has seen characters who identify as LGBTQ+, that also happen to have a backstory involving mental illness, the plot involving this character quickly becomes problematic. If a queer character exists with a past historyContinue reading “Q & A: “Swerve” Series Talks Mental Health & Season 3″