Why Naya Rivera’s Death Poses Unique Grief For Fans

  It has now been ten days since actress Naya Rivera drowned saving her young son on Lake Piru in California and like many, I have been grieving. I've struggled to put into words exactly what I am feeling, the mix of emotions of shock, sadness, empathy for her family and close friends, and anger… Continue reading Why Naya Rivera’s Death Poses Unique Grief For Fans

Opinion: A Case for Queer-Cons

By Rachael Hogan, Contributing Intern Conventions have been an integral part of fandom life for decades. They give fans a place to gather and meet other people who are just as passionate about TV shows, movies and books as they are. Today there are conventions held to celebrate everything from Star Wars to comic books;… Continue reading Opinion: A Case for Queer-Cons

TGI Femslash: A Multi-Fandom Convention

Comic-Con. DragonCon. WonderCon. ClexaCon. These are just a few of the major fan conventions held in the U.S. every year, while hundreds more are attended around the globe. The attendance of these major conventions generally range in the thousands, often using a lottery-queue system in order for guests to purchase tickets. Special celebrity guests are… Continue reading TGI Femslash: A Multi-Fandom Convention