Kait & Nic: The Queer Web Series You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you have been following Queer Quality since January, you have seen us talk a great deal about the upcoming queer digital series called Kait & Nic. Six months later, the first two episodes of this four part mini series have finally been released on YouTube, making it’s debut appropriately in the middle of Pride Month.Continue reading “Kait & Nic: The Queer Web Series You Didn’t Know You Needed”

Queer Review: CLAIREvoyant (Episodes 1-5)

In the late 1990’s through early 2000’s, TV psychics were all the rage. You couldn’t go a day without hearing a Miss Cleo’s commercial, with testimony from callers who had received a grand psychic reading from Miss Cleo, herself. Each commercial always ended the same: “Call me now for your free reading!” she’d tell viewers,Continue reading “Queer Review: CLAIREvoyant (Episodes 1-5)”

Q & A: The Creators of “Avocado Toast”

Three weeks ago, the wonderfully funny IPF trailer for the new web series Avocado Toast dropped and we were delighted to bring you our review! (Check that out here). Since it’s release, the trailer has gathered 3.3k views on YouTube and it’s Indiegogo campaign has been going steady, with over $2700 donated already. But thisContinue reading “Q & A: The Creators of “Avocado Toast””

Avocado Toast: A Coming of Age Story… When You’re 30

Listen up Millennials and Gen Z’ers! You know how you’ve always been told that you’ll have your life figured out and put together, with a loving spouse and 2.5 kids by the time you’re 30? Yeah… we were fed the same crap. The truth is, at 30 years old you are more likely to still be figuring outContinue reading “Avocado Toast: A Coming of Age Story… When You’re 30”