How GLOW’s Arthie & Yolanda Spent Season Three Erasing Both Asexuality & Bisexuality

By Kelsey O’Regan **GLOW Season 3 Spoilers ahead** I’m used to getting burned by poor LGBTQIA representation. I’ve watched my favorite queer characters die immediately after a moment of pure joy, watched showrunners dance around labels for the sake of plot, and watched one stereotype after another get introduced and then promptly written off. WhatContinue reading “How GLOW’s Arthie & Yolanda Spent Season Three Erasing Both Asexuality & Bisexuality”

The Survival of Theo Crain

By Kelsey O’Regan Theodora Crain, both on paper and in living, breathing Kate Siegel form, is a revolutionary LGBTQ character. I would’ve watched The Haunting of Hill House with or without hearing whispers about Theo across social media in the weeks before I dove in. I’m a glutton for supernatural narratives— ghost stories, psychological horror,Continue reading “The Survival of Theo Crain”

Statement on Netflix’s “Everything Sucks”

Over the last several days we have had many reach out to us asking our opinion on the new Netflix series “Everything Sucks.” (General spoilers ahead). Here at Queer Quality, we aim to give our approval to all art and entertainment that is made by or in some way represents the LGBTQ+ comment in aContinue reading “Statement on Netflix’s “Everything Sucks””

Queer Review: One Day At A Time

**This post (and all Queer Review posts) will definitely contain spoilers. Read at your own risk!**   By now, you’ve probably heard of the Netflix show One Day At A Time. If you haven’t, you’re either not on Tumblr or don’t have enough free time to binge watch shows on Netflix. If that is the case, weContinue reading “Queer Review: One Day At A Time”