Swerve Series: The Rollercoaster Ride to Season 3

  If you are anything like us, you woke up this morning to yet another twist from the Swerve Series saga: A new trailer for Season 3 was dropped and announced it's final season will air next month! Hooray! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oLGwfSwL9I&feature=youtu.be   The web series produced by SKG Films, starring Sharon Belle, Winny Clarke, and Conni… Continue reading Swerve Series: The Rollercoaster Ride to Season 3

Top left: Deadpool 2 (Credit: 20th Century Fox) Bottom left: Atomic Blonde (Credit: Focus Features) Right: Love, Simon (Credit: Fox 2000)

Being Critical About Criticism

By Kelsey O'Regan, Contributing Intern What do we want? Quality LGBTQ representation. When do we want it? Now. This is the overture constantly heard ‘round the Internet world, long before but especially after queer fan favorite Commander Lexa was killed in season three of The 100. In the past few years, we’ve not only grown… Continue reading Being Critical About Criticism