Kait & Nic: The Queer Web Series You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you have been following Queer Quality since January, you have seen us talk a great deal about the upcoming queer digital series called Kait & Nic. Six months later, the first two episodes of this four part mini series have finally been released on YouTube, making it’s debut appropriately in the middle of Pride Month.Continue reading “Kait & Nic: The Queer Web Series You Didn’t Know You Needed”

Pride Talks: The Importance of Equal Queer Representation

From the time we are prepubescent children the “birds and the bees” are taught to us by our parents, TV, churches, and occasionally our peers. I, myself, was asked if I was a virgin in the fourth grade, scoffed and said no… because I had no idea what a virgin was, but I certainly wasn’tContinue reading “Pride Talks: The Importance of Equal Queer Representation”

Queer Review: CLAIREvoyant (Episodes 6 – 14)

When we last left CLAIREvoyant, Claire (Natasha Negovanlis) had just blown it big time with her dream girl Nico (Sabryn Rock), after accidentally ingesting some of Ruby’s (Annie Briggs) pot brownies. Telling someone their aunt is dead is not a good idea, at least not on a first date. Lets take a look to seeContinue reading “Queer Review: CLAIREvoyant (Episodes 6 – 14)”

Q & A: “Swerve” Series Talks Mental Health & Season 3

For far too long, topics like queer sexuality and mental health have been stigmatized in mainstream media. Often when our community has seen characters who identify as LGBTQ+, that also happen to have a backstory involving mental illness, the plot involving this character quickly becomes problematic. If a queer character exists with a past historyContinue reading “Q & A: “Swerve” Series Talks Mental Health & Season 3″