Queer Review: CLAIREvoyant (Episodes 6 – 14)

When we last left CLAIREvoyant, Claire (Natasha Negovanlis) had just blown it big time with her dream girl Nico (Sabryn Rock), after accidentally ingesting some of Ruby's (Annie Briggs) pot brownies. Telling someone their aunt is dead is not a good idea, at least not on a first date. Lets take a look to see… Continue reading Queer Review: CLAIREvoyant (Episodes 6 – 14)

Queer Review: CLAIREvoyant (Episodes 1-5)

In the late 1990’s through early 2000’s, TV psychics were all the rage. You couldn’t go a day without hearing a Miss Cleo’s commercial, with testimony from callers who had received a grand psychic reading from Miss Cleo, herself. Each commercial always ended the same: “Call me now for your free reading!” she’d tell viewers,… Continue reading Queer Review: CLAIREvoyant (Episodes 1-5)